Travel Essentials for Skin Protection

We've got your top travel essentials to protect your skin that are needed for that next long awaited vacation or quick weekend getaway. The last thing you want when you go on vacation is to get a terrible sunburn that will keep you from enjoying your time away due to sun burns, sun damage and even sun poisoning.
Top Travel Essentials for Skin Protection - Icetek Sports Clamp on Beach Umbrella by Amazon
     When I was in college, a group of friends and I planned our Spring Break for months. We were young so packed the essential beach wear, makeup, accessories and a few party outfits. On the very first day at arriving at our Daytona Beach stay we hit the beach without preparing our skin. After a few hours on the beach, my room mate developed huge swollen ankles, redness, blisters and pain. We immediately got her back to our room and as the day progressed, her condition got worse. She spent the next 5 days sitting on the edge of the tub as we kept it full of cold water and ice packs!  We had to party and visit in the bathroom for the next five days. Had we known more about the sun and it's damaging effects,  we should have taken her to the hospital and we could have had a better time while Beth would have avoided the pain she endured.
     ** The good news is that on the last day of our vacation, Beth was able to go out and she won a dance contest! She had all that energy stored up and thankfully, her feet were better, better enough to dance her heart out!

Don't let the sun ruin your next vacation, sun burns and sun poisoning can happen faster than you realize!

Top Travel Essentials for Skin Protection.

     ~  Sunglasses ~ Make sure you wear UV protection for your eyes. The sun is strong and the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate. We can easily get burned without proper eye protection. I love the type of sunglasses that cover the sides of the eyes, like these for example

     ~ Sun Hat ~ Beach hats are great protection for the eyes, face and head and also the neck and shoulders. Get a wide beach hat with spf  for the most protection so you can enjoy the beach or pool, shopping, golf and all the outdoor amenities that your vacation promises.

     ~ Beach Clothing with SPF ~ We think it's super smart to wear vacation clothes that are super comfortable, lightweight, light colors, are easy to pack and also have built in UV protection. More and more people are getting smarter about the dangers of the sun and you're one of them!

      ~ Beach Umbrella ~ This is our favorite Clamp on beach umbrella with SPF 50 in green or blue, it's super lightweight at only 12 oz, easy to pack or carry and can clamp on any beach chair you use. Many resorts and hotels will have umbrellas but, not all umbrellas have spf protection and you may just want a quiet more remote area for lounging.  Pick up an umbrella (it's super cheap) as a travel essential for skin protection and get out of the sun every now and then to give your skin a break from the sun while vacationing.
You'll be happy that you did!

     ~  Sunscreen ~ The number one travel essential for skin protection that you'll need plenty of is a broad spectrum organic sunscreen for all skin types. Whether you like a water resistant sunscreen spray or organic broad spectrum sunscreen cream, what's important is that you buy it and make sure to apply it as directed - usually a shot sized amount every hour while outdoors.

     Use these top five travel essentials for skin protection as you prepare your next getaway. You'll have peace of mind for yourself and your family knowing you've done all you can to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays.
          Do you already use all these tips or have another you'd like to share? We'd love to know about it and thanks for reading, subscribing to our posts for the latest info and for sharing.

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